Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Worst brand name: How not to name a brand?

"Bhaiyaa, ek UNWANTED 72 dena" thats what Mankind Pharma wants its customers of emergency contraceptive pill to ask the chemist. And if this pill doesnt work or you miss it or are one of the characters of the film Rajneeti then ask the chemist for UNWANTED, their pregnancy determination kit. And please dont forget their amazing sanitary pads named "DONT WORRY". In comparison their MANFORCE condoms or KALOREE 1 sugarfree tablets seem better choice.

These names from Mankind Pharma tell us how not name a brand especially when you spending crores of rupees on advertising it. The simple difference can be seen when one compares these names to that of the market leader in each category.

The latest product from Mankind whose ad comes on Indian Television these days continues this weird streak of naming. This OTC acidity drug is called as GAS-O-FAST. As soon as I saw the ad with this name I felt that it must be from the Mankind Pharma, lo and behold it was. Mankind surely has a different set of rules for naming through which they crack such names which bring out the neagtive expression. But I hope you dont follow. Often, I say, if nothings works atleast ensure that your name gives a positive feel. Some adman seems to belive that the reverse is true.

The following presentation gives a few ground rules that can help.

Ensure that there is postive aspiration in the name and if possible a product trait or a feel of the product's benefit in the name. Let it be easy for consumers to remember and associate with your brand.


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