Thursday, September 1, 2016


The relationship between a child and her parents is so strong that it can be very easy for the child to influence her parents or vice versa. Advertisers have conducted good amount of research on this relationship and they also use this information for the benefit of their brand. Children are very attractive audience for advertisers. When we go to a mall or any food place we can see children whining or crying and parents have to give in to their demands. Many of the family do not buy stuff without consulting their kid’s about it. Children can influence the purchase of electronics product, clothing stuff, automobile choice, even the food choice at home or at a restaurant can be influenced by the choice of a kid.
Brand like McDonald also came up with the concept of happy meal which kid’s loved. Most of the family used to visit McDonald’s just to get the toy given with the happy meal. Focusing on the kid proved to be very beneficial to the brand. Kinder joy also created a brand loyalty on the basis of the toy which it gives with the chocolate. The advertising firm Saatchi and Saatchi had hired cultural anthropologist to study children and influence of digital technology so that they can target children for their brands and products.
Animated characters and mascots representing a brand also have a huge influence on children. Many international brands use this technique to create brand loyalty. Children have a habit of getting attached to these characters because these characters are very friendly and fun like any kid would enjoy them. This helps in creating brand loyalty because kids attach that character to the product.

Advertiser’s not only directly influence kid’s but also try to do it indirectly like tobacco industry has created the concept of being “cool” in the mind of youth. Coco-cola has created an image of friendship and happiness. Thumbs up makes you feel manly. All this affect the mind of children to a great extent. It is important for parents to realize how advertiser’s can be very influencing and be aware of what your kid’s demand from the very beginning. Even these advertising companies need to take responsibility and be aware of the influence they have on children..

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Hi, this is Surabhi Damani, I have completed company secretary course and currently pursuing MBA in mass communication. I love writing stuff on different topics.


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