Thursday, September 1, 2016

Facebook Advertising

Five Reasons why you should Advertise on the New and Updated Facebook Advertising Dashboard!

Facebook advertising has come a long  way since it’s  inception in the year 2012 from just selling likes to helping the advertisers choose from a wide range of goal options. With an active user base of 1.7 billion as per their second quarter in 2016, Facebook is the best way to reach your consumer.
If you are a small business , with very little knowledge of the digital advertising world and are trying to reach customers with very specific interests, Facebook advertising is the best fit!

Here are 5 reasons why Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms online:

1)   Goal setting 
      Facebook allows you set specific Advertising goals for your business depending on the size, type and budget. Be it brand awareness or conversions, Facebook helps you achieve your goals. You can choose from :

  •        Awareness for your brand
  •     Consideration- Allows you to generate leads for your business
  •       Conversion- Allows you increase conversions on your website, app engagement etc

2) Detailed targeting options & wider audience reach:
 Facebook’s updated advertising dashboard offers a wide variety of laser targeting options based          on interests, demographics & connections to your page. The new dashboard which was launched        in  July 2016 allows you to not only show ads to the Facebook Community but will be visible on      third-party sites and apps to anyone who has ever visited Facebook, not just registered users.            

Facebook offers 3 types of placement options : 
  · The Facebook Community
  · Instagram
  · Third party apps which allow Facebook to advertise on them

3) Less Expensive :
   Every time Facebook releases a new feature for it's advertising platform, there is a short time frame    (a couple of months) when advertisers who adopt these new features get the first mover advantage      the slow adoption rate by experiencing amazing performances and staying ahead of the curve. Infact, the first developers who adopted Facebook Mobile App Install Ads had a cost per install as low as $0.10!
4) Organic search is nearly dead on Facebook:
 Gone are those good old days when the number of likes on your page equalled to the viewership          for your online content. If your page has 1000 followers, Facebook only shows your content to            0.3% of the followers. If you want to encourage & inform all the followers on your page it can be        done in less than 10$ a day depending on the number of people you want to reach.
5) Re-marketing:
   Facebook allows you to pick and choose the customers from your website that you want to show        your ads to. You could use remarketing for sign-ups, consultations, downloads etc.

What are you waiting for? Go try the new Facebook Advertising Platform for maximum results on your online Ad investment.

1    Surabhi Narayan is a student at FLAME University, Pune

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