Thursday, September 1, 2016

How Brands Use Social Media to Promote Their Products

Text Box: How brands use Social Media to promote their products?

In the modern world where everything is like fashion and trend that keep on changing every single second, Social media is a boom which helps the companies to promote their products and be in the sync with the latest trend. There are more than billions of people who are active on Social networks like Facebook, Instagram Snapchat etc.

The upcoming generation is completely driven by the social trends, from their eating habits to their living style all are inspired by Social media. Many small brands don’t have very big advertisement budget and their reach is also limited but Social media is such a powerful tool that actually highlights the thought of a brand and concerts into a fashion. All the brands big or small can engage with their audience on all Social media platforms. Brands can use Social media to market their product free as well as paid.

Sometimes when we buy any product the cashier asked to review on Social media or sometimes they said you can also check our Social media page like for any restaurant we can review on Zomato. Sometimes many brands like Forever 21, Maybelline asked their customers to put their photos on Social media. Social media marketing is done by every company and more so by the luxury brands use the power of social media to make the need for their product. In Social media marketing the more ideas you have the better reach to the customer.

Every Social media have their own strategy for promotion for both paid and unpaid like Facebook have their own business page where brands can promote their products.

There are many brands who did really well on Social media for e.g. OREO. Oreo did a fantastic job on Social media, they cover so many Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The campaign which they run on Facebook was 199-day “Daily Twist” and also they tweet during the “super bowl”. They put lots of videos on YouTube which is about “cookie vs cream”. All these social media campaign did really well and it also increased brand awareness.

So for all the brands who are active on social media is important to keep in touch with their customers. It increase brand awareness as well as sales.

Author- Akrati Pandey
            I am doing my MBA from FLAME University in Advertising and Planning


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