Thursday, September 1, 2016

The. Unsaturated Channel – Pokémon. GO

Few months ago, marketers really did not bother much about reality games. But with the emergence of Pokémon Go and the amount of craze around, it’s time to rethink your strategies, plans and explore unsaturated channels. People are so involved that they have ended up even meeting with accidents and break up’s.
People end up spending hours together on the app and it has the potential to beat the most popular social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter. 
This is a virtual game where people go in search of Pokémon’s, this means the availability of people both virtually and physically.
The kind of coverage and the attention the app has got along with abundant data availability it is the place for brand’s to advertise and create awareness.

“A pizza place in Queens New York saw a 75% increase in sales by paying $10 to get a Pokemon Character in their location.”
-          Tech Crunch
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(Image Source : Reddit)

Earlier the access to brands and apps were limited to the data they collect like e-mail, phone, tastes, etc,. But now your living room is accessed with camera, you use GPS and the location you move to is tracked. So yeah it is definitely the hot topic for marketers right now, but how many brand’s are going to take advantage of this and how many will use the channel even before its competitors use. Everyone can advertise on Google because it is tried and tested but it really needs someone really brave to use unsaturated channels like this.
With evolution in the technology available with marketers there may come a day when you use the camera in the game you give it an access in the living room, wash room, etc,. Pantene may advertise to you saying that you are using Sunsilk and it’s time to change.
So, common marketers start using unsaturated channels and stay ahead of your competitors.

Author: Sucharith P
MBA in Digital Marketing, FLAME PUNE
Former intern @ 3M Digital Bangalore.